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It definitely eliminates the odor. I use Nature's Secret Weapon all the time as I have some very ill-mannered pets. No other brand works like this does.
J. Miller – New Hampshire

We recently ordered your cat urine detection light. When it arrived we were amazed at how many of the vomit areas still showed up despite our previous efforts to clean the carpet. Clearly your light is well worth the money. Based on the quality of it we are about to order your odor/stain remover solution. Thank you for your fine customer service and your fine products!
H. Paris – North Carolina

I have a cat who has a serious litter box issue. I have tried everything to help her and have had no luck. Nature’s Secret Weapon is the only product that has taken care of the smell all together. I think this product is incredible and I will always have some on hand and recommend it to any and all who have litter box issues. When used as directed, it works like magic:)
S. Metzger – North Dakota

Nature’s Secret Weapon has been my go-to product for several years now. The ability of the product to kill any odor on contact makes if very useful around the house. I find the product so useful with so many applications I recommend it all the time to friends and family.
T. Aabey-Hammond – Ohio

I have six cats and had always tried to keep ahead of them as far as safety, litter odor carpet cleaning, etc. I love my kitties, but they can be a bit messy and get into places they need not go. Your products have helped me tremendously with all these issues. I love your products.
K. Foresman – New Hampshire

I have a multi-cat household so I’m always interested in pet deodorizing/cleansing products. Until I found Nature’s Secret Weapon, I found the usual products found in pet stores wanting. Once I purchased the starter kit with the black light (Special Value Kit), I found clean ups much more effective with tremendous results. I highly recommend this product as the first stop for any pet accidents.
B. Springman – New Jersey

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What Customers Have to Say
Cat owners across America trust Cat Urine Experts to take care of their cat’s odor problems. The following testimonials are typical of calls we receive from customers around the country.

"Your cat urine odor remover works very well on my carpeting.  It’s the only one I’ve used that instantly knocks out the strong urine smell. Works equally well for my dog.  I've never used a product that works so fast. When I called your customer service department I was given the answers I needed. Very professional. You guys truly are cat urine odor experts!"
"We have 3 cats with frequent litter issues. We use all of your cat urine odor remover products including your stain light for our dog too. We’re especially grateful for the help your staff gave us on using your products. Thanks!"
"It’s refreshing to find a company that understands cats and offers solutions that really work. Now I have a much better handle on my cat’s problems. Great customer service and very fast shipping. Received my order in 2 days!"
"I just love your cat urine stain detector! I didn’t realize how many times my cat had gone on my carpeting. No wonder it kept smelling. Great odor removal product. It really works. I give it a "4 paws up" rating! ****"
"Thanks for saving our sanity and our family cat.  We literally were at wits end.  My husband said Samantha had to go. Our girls were heartbroken until we discovered your company.  Even though we had to treat some bad areas twice, it’s the only cat urine odor remover we’ve ever used that completely eliminates our strong cat urine odor.  Thank you so much!"