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It definitely eliminates the odor. I use Nature's Secret Weapon all the time as I have some very ill-mannered pets. No other brand works like this does.
J. Miller – New Hampshire

We recently ordered your cat urine detection light. When it arrived we were amazed at how many of the vomit areas still showed up despite our previous efforts to clean the carpet. Clearly your light is well worth the money. Based on the quality of it we are about to order your odor/stain remover solution. Thank you for your fine customer service and your fine products!
H. Paris – North Carolina

I have a cat who has a serious litter box issue. I have tried everything to help her and have had no luck. Nature’s Secret Weapon is the only product that has taken care of the smell all together. I think this product is incredible and I will always have some on hand and recommend it to any and all who have litter box issues. When used as directed, it works like magic:)
S. Metzger – North Dakota

Nature’s Secret Weapon has been my go-to product for several years now. The ability of the product to kill any odor on contact makes if very useful around the house. I find the product so useful with so many applications I recommend it all the time to friends and family.
T. Aabey-Hammond – Ohio

I have six cats and had always tried to keep ahead of them as far as safety, litter odor carpet cleaning, etc. I love my kitties, but they can be a bit messy and get into places they need not go. Your products have helped me tremendously with all these issues. I love your products.
K. Foresman – New Hampshire

I have a multi-cat household so I’m always interested in pet deodorizing/cleansing products. Until I found Nature’s Secret Weapon, I found the usual products found in pet stores wanting. Once I purchased the starter kit with the black light (Special Value Kit), I found clean ups much more effective with tremendous results. I highly recommend this product as the first stop for any pet accidents.
B. Springman – New Jersey

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Cat Urine Stain Lights

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Special UV Black Light Stain Detector for Cat Urine Detection (great for dogs too!)

Pet Stain Black Light

Unlike other UV cat stain detection lights, Nature's Secret Weapon UV/LED urine detection light has special circuitry designed to create the optimum UV wavelength range for cat and dog urine detection. Black lights generate an ionizing radiation that can cause chemical reactions which make many substances (phosphors), like cat urine, glow in the dark.

Phosphors are substances (like urine) that radiate visible light after being energized­ by a source such as a black light. Surfactants and other ingredients in a cat urine odor remover can cause stains to lighten or (fluoresce) more under a UV light than untreated stains.

Nature's Secret Weapon battery operated cat urine stain lights is a national top seller and works extremely well, especially when used with Nature's Secret Weapon cat urine odor remover. We constantly receive rave reviews from customers after their purchase. LED UV black lights are the same type used by CSI teams for stains in crime scene investigations.

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  • How to install batteries
    Unscrew end of light with strap handle attached
    Remove plastic battery carrier located inside
    Insert (3) AAA batteries (not included) into the carrier placing the flat ends of each battery on the springs
    Load battery carrier inserting spring end first and screw on end with strap handle
    Push on/off button on strap end to turn light on and off
  • How to use our LED UV cat stain light
    UV lights are designed to be used in a dark room in order for stains to fluoresce
    Unlike competitive UV lights, you don't have to crawl on the carpet in order to see pet stains
    While standing, point the light at your floor or other areas while inspecting for cat urine stains
    If necessary, mark stained areas with masking tape to locate stains when the lights are turned back on
  • What cat urine stains look like with our LED UV black light
    Cat and dog stains normally have a dull yellow appearance when view under a black light but color can vary slightly because of diet, breed, medical conditions and flooring or carpet texture and color. Human urine stains in a bathroom have a brighter yellow fluorescence than cat urine. Your bathroom is a good place to see what human urine stains look like before inspecting for cat stains.
  • Treating cat urine stains
    We recommend that you inspect for stains before beginning any cat urine odor removal treatment. Cat stains should be treated soon afterwords so that urea crystals don’t have a chance to form. Urea crystals make permanent odor removal more difficult because they are hard to break down. The cat urine odor remover brand we sell is Nature’s Secret Weapon. We believe it’s the best overall product on the market today. It’s also all natural and very safe for you, your cat and our environment
See Our "Special Value" Kits    Buy Now Before Our Super Sale Ends!